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Chief Marketing Officer
Your Challenges

You formulate business strategies for the company to help drive sales, disrupt status quo, enhance penetration and CX.

You need to leverage IT solutions for marketing execution, sales support & performance management…

…so that you can deliver top and bottom line revenue growth through rapid execution that supports your customers and wins against competition.

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Sessions directly related to your role
Open discussions and thought sharing
Meaningful peer networking
1:1 conversations with experts in the field

Sessions for ANSWERS to your greatest challenges

Improving Customer Experience at Scale
Learn how T-Mobile leverages Hadoop and Teradata data platforms to build API and web application which helped in solving customer pain points of analyzing the data in a unified interface, instead of building multiple dashboards. Breakout #1745

A Framework for Cutting Edge Marketing Applications
Join us as academic researchers Bill Rand and Gijs Overgoor discuss the use of AI to provide support for marketing decisions. Based on the popular CRISP-DM framework, commonly used for implementing machine learning projects, they create a process for business managers to use when executing a Marketing AI project and discuss issues that might arise. Breakout #1761

How Data Science Can Drive Your Customers' Experiences With Your Brand
Discuss how data science is revolutionizing how we look at data, how we predict behavior, how we anticipate needs and how we communicate with our customers. Learn about impactful ways to better embrace this merging of traditional marketing and data science, as well as the solutions that drive this process. Breakout #1891

Business Model Changes in the Age of Continuous Customer Connection
See first-hand how with Verizon's transformation, the company's leaders are transitioning from the traditional way to serve customers to the modern way using innovative technologies and diversity of thought. Breakout #1773

EXCLUSIVE: Teradata Vantage™ education and exploration

  • Putting It All Together in Vantage
  • Strategies for Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your New Analytic Workloads on Vantage
  • Exploring the Power of Vantage for Path Analysis (Banking Case Study)
  • Predictive Analytics Using Vantage: An End-to-End Streaming Pipeline for Providing  Live, Actionable Insights (IoT)
  • Pathing Analytics for Healthcare Business Outcomes Using Vantage (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
  • And more, related sessions below!

More sessions for Chief Marketing Officers

Marketing Mix Modelling Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques

See how to enable increased returns from marketing and media spend, via increases in customer engagement and revenue. 

Breakout #1775

The Development of High-speed Internet Infrastructure Using Machine Learning

Learn how O2 Czech Republic utilized statistical methods to optimize the placement of WTTx transceivers (a new wireless technology), which rolled out in 2018. 

Breakout #1786

Real-time Marketing: Modern Trend or Must Have in the Telecommunication World?

Hear what real-time marketing means to mobile CSP, as well as the story of MegaFon who underwent a digital transformation from offline marketing to omni-channel, personalized, real-time communications.

Breakout #1798

Create Memorable Customer Journeys With Moments-based Experiences

See how positive customer experiences can yield big dividends; including, loyalty, customer retention, and increased profits. 

Breakout #1867

Net Promoter Scores

Discuss the meaning of and customer response to NPS, and gain insight into how a large financial institution in Australia successfully completed a significant analytical project related to this analysis. 

Breakout #1853

Orchestrating SAS, Teradata, Hadoop & CIM to realize our Personalization Journey

Hear about one organization’s 8-month journey to build an engine that orchestrates, continuously improves, and measures the effectiveness of conversations with customers across all touchpoints. 

Breakout #1849

Improving Customer Experience with In-building Network Optimization

Gain a first-hand view of how T-Mobile set up this new application and the tremendous business results they were able to draw from it.

Breakout #1767

Hear first-hand from customers

How they address the same challenges you’re experiencing, while empowering their  business with insights from all their data, all of the time.

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