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You orchestrate an IT organization that delivers measurable business value.

You need to introduce an advanced infrastructure that enables change, disrupts status quo, and inspires a data-driven culture…

…so that you can help rapidly execute business objectives, support your customers and win against competition.

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Sessions directly related to your role
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Sessions for ANSWERS to your greatest challenges

How Teradata is Changing the Game with Consumption-based Offerings for its Next Generation Pervasive Data Intelligence Platform
Teradata empowers customers to consume analytics with greater simplicity and at a cost that is more closely aligned with outcomes that drive business value. Explore with us how the consumption model is enabled on-premises, as well as as-a-service in the cloud. Breakout #1714

Answers at Hand: Teradata & Lex (Use Case)
Hear about the Johnson & Johnson journey to make R&D portfolio and project information more easily accessible to project managers and executives. Learn how privacy concerns were addressed and its bot adopted the “lingo”, all while enabling access to information and increasing productivity. Breakout #1715

Planning for a Successful Teradata Upgrade: How Grainger Plans for Success
Explore the planning of a Teradata hardware refresh or software upgrade, including the steps involved for success. learn the steps—before, during and after—involved to plan for success. Breakout #1892

EXCLUSIVE: Teradata Vantage™ education and exploration

  • Utilizing Vantage with Native Object Store at Overstock for Click-Stream Analytics
  • Utilizing Vantage with Native Object Store at FedEx for Historical Analytics
  • Utilizing Vantage with Native Object Store at United Rentals for Fleet Analytics
  • Native Object Store data lake analytics best practices with an emphasis on columnar data formats
  • A Customer’s Journey From Subscription to Deriving Value from Vantage As-a-service on AWS
  • Teradata Collaborative Optimizer: The Next-Generation Towards Optimized Analytics
  • Teradata Vantage in Action
  • and more, related sessions below!

More sessions for Chief Information Officers

Data About Data—The Future of Metadata

Hear how the Royal Bank of Canada “Data about Data” data mart is used as an enterprise repository to answer regulatory, compliance, impact analysis, governance and lineage questions. 

Breakout #1744

Machine Learning Feature Engineering for Complex Data Types in the Real World

Discuss when, where and how to transform some common complex data types to better achieve success in machine learning.

Breakout #1748

Back to the Future: Teradata > Redshift > Teradata

Explore Nordstrom’s 3-year journey from Teradata to Redshift and back to Teradata.

Breakout #1752

Aircraft Maintenance Planning—A Road Map

Hear how data and analytics keep aircraft well maintained and get travelers to their destination at American Airlines.

Breakout #1755

US Air Force Soars in the Azure Cloud

Explore the the ins and outs of migrating and optimizing a complex enterprise ETL, BI and Data Warehouse operation to the public cloud.

Breakout #1759

Self-service Analytics; Is It Sustainable?

Learn how self-service analytics can classify data and analytics within the analytics ecosystem, enable automated provisioning and other architecture concepts for implementing them.

Breakout #1766

Synergy Effect of Data Visualization and Machine Learning in Sales Process Management

See how NTT East has deployed "The Model", a method for constructing the pipeline for sales process. 

Breakout #1768

The Digital Transformation Requires Security Transformation!

Learn how to realize the key to success of an agile security program—enabling security to be a business accelerator by meeting the needs to be faster speed to market with an overall better experience.

Breakout #1776

Committing to Elastic Helps Centene Handle Peak Workloads

See how Centene manages peak utilization periods, nightly batch and during the reporting window; and end of month, quarter, and year-end processing. 

Breakout #1782

Hear first-hand from customers

How they address the same challenges you’re experiencing, while empowering their  business with insights from all their data, all of the time.

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