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Healthcare Analytics and Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Healthcare Analytics Insights for the Right People at the Right Time

Teradata works with the biggest, most renowned healthcare providers and life science companies around the globe to create healthcare analytics solutions that get the right information to the right people at the right time. With the right information in hand you can:

  • Create personalized experiences for patients and providers to boost satisfaction, engagement, and adherence.

  • Reign in cost overruns triggered by a myriad of factors including the treatment of chronic disease patients, non-emergent ER use, and pricing pressures.

  • Improve health outcomes by elevating quality and standards, closing gaps in care, employing new technologies and improved health management programs, and increasing program participation with targeted campaigns.

  • Pinpoint areas ripe for increased profitability through carefully managed risk, value-based contracting, enhanced analysis of potential new business, and targeted provider, and patient messaging.

  • Bring safe, effective pharmaceuticals, devices, and treatments to market quickly with accelerated analysis, and hypothesis testing using the latest methods and techniques.

Why Teradata for healthcare analytics

Untouchable Technology and Scale Meet the Industry’s Healthcare Analytics Leaders

While some companies offer parts and pieces needed to get business-changing insights into the hands of the right people at the right time, Teradata offers the whole end-to-end solution.

With untouchable technology and scale, a process measured in weeks not months, that proves ROI prior to major investment, and teams made up of bona fide healthcare and life science veterans who are trusted by the best brands in the world, our customers have confidence in:

Our engagement model isn’t about pushing product; it focuses on solving pressing business problems via client partnership and custom-fit data and analytics solutions crafted from Teradata.

Industry and functional experts who aren’t career consultants, but veterans and tested former industry executives with extensive first-hand healthcare and life sciences experience who know how analytics improve an organization’s performance.

The ability of Teradata products, solutions, and IP to work with their new and existing technology to not only remove internal silos and integrate all enterprise data – but to develop and apply business-changing analytics against it.

Teradata enterprise scalability and extreme—faster than real-time—speed that predict, prevent, and avoid potential problems before they arise.


The World's Biggest Companies Rely on Us for Healthcare Analytics

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Reveal New, More Sophisticated Insights

The sheer volume of data and data sources, and the silos within an organization, are the single biggest hurdles Healthcare and Life Science companies face. Teradata harnesses your data, knocks down silos, and unveils 360-degree views of your patients, providers, networks, employees, and vendors. That holistic view, combined with analytic capability, maturity, and agility at scale give you previously unthinkable power to surpass competitors. To make your analytics deliver measurable business value we:

Integrate and analyze all data—research, clinical, epidemiology, managed markets, sales and marketing, supply chain—and apply the right technology-agnostic mix to reveal game-changing, business-wide insights.

Exploit multi-genre analytics to develop a seamless Customer Journey that improves patient engagement and retention, predicts and prevents customer dissatisfaction, and grows revenue and market share.

Provide a straightforward, analytic approach that supports easy-to-access data from a variety of sources, as well as data reuse for measuring clinical efficacy, predictive modeling, and identification of chronic conditions.

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