Government Analytics for Crucial Strategic Decision-making 

Teradata Government Analytics

Benefits of government analytics

  • Capture and integrate information from sources across the organization for an enterprise-wide view.
  • Quickly and easily analyze large quantities of data to drive deeper insights.
  • Enable both tactical and strategic decision making across the government organization.
  • Strengthen operational efficiency through enhanced service delivery, effective resource utilization, and cost containment.
  • Remove the barriers to better insights and lower costs related to government analytics, data collection, and storage.
  • Manage risks and future inefficiencies related to cyber security, fraud, tax management, and compliance.
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We are Knocking Down Barriers and Turning Government Analytics Data into Insights

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Why Teradata

Trust Our Consultants to Put Your Mission First

Our expert government analytics consultants, architects, engineers, and data scientists have years of experience in government systems deployments. Our governement analytics veterans use defined processes, tools, and industry expertise to achieve optimum levels of performance, operational efficiency, and data-driven results.


We Help You Gain Insights from Your Data So You Can Achieve the Best Possible Outcomes

We are the world’s largest company focused on analytic foundations. We enable you to access all your data to create a smarter, more engaged government organization, to ask and answer new questions, drive deeper insights, and improve agency outcomes. To accomplish all of this we:

  • Utilize current State and Federal government contract vehicles: GSA, VA BDPS, HHS, and SEWP.
  • Cultivate and leverage a strong partner ecosystem with leading technology companies and systems integrators.
  • Adhere to and maintain industry standards and certifications: ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems; CMMI Level 3; ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 Internet Security. 
  • Empower State/Local, Civilian, DoD and Intel segments with data integration, improved reporting, and analytic insights for actionable results.