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Today, every business has the same goal: deliver experiences that keep customers coming back. But most organizations lack the visibility into their customer journeys and struggle to quickly and meaningfully personalize customer interactions.

Vantage Customer Experience (CX) gives marketers and customer experience professionals the autonomy, visibility, and insights they need to keep pace with ever growing and changing customer demand.

360-degree customer view

Unlock a previously elusive 360-degree view of the customer by allowing business users to collaborate rather than compete.

Channel Connectivity. Self-service data integration capabilities let citizen data integrators rapidly access and explore new data sets for increased agility.

Connected ID. With Vantage CX, business users can link new data sets to existing customer information to create unified customer profiles.

Lab. Give business users access to individual virtual sandboxes to store and process data in a way that reduces data movement and ensures governance and security.

From customer data to insights

Sense and react to customer pain points and opportunities with easy-to-use advanced analytics.

Model. Build, train, and evaluate predictive models to maximize business value.

Path. Understand customer journeys through a sequence of behaviors and events.

Workflow. Quickly automate analytic workflows to create repeatable, operationalized processes.

Text. Discover patterns such as sentiments and trends in text-based data.

Cluster. Classify customers based on common characteristics across numerous variables.

From insights to action

Eliminate the friction between spotting an opportunity and acting on it. Vantage CX helps you operationalize scalable, real-time communications across digital channels fast.

Actionable insights. Simply point and click on dynamic visualizations of customer insights and directly target customers on a particular path, or with a specific sentiment, for communications or campaigns.

Channel Orchestration. Build customer journeys, rank, score and arbitrate offers, and seamlessly orchestrate across online and offline channels.

Real-time personalization. Capture in-the-moment activity data and apply AI and machine learning to recalculate models on the fly for real-time decisioning and personalization.

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Take a self-paced tour of key Vantage CX features. The demo covers a telecommunications scenario, focused on increasing revenue and reducing cost.
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