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You uncover acute relationships and patterns in data that inform business decisions.

You need a broad range of tools like machine learning, Python, and R that work together and provide the best tool for each job…

…so you can create cutting-edge line of business solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

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Sessions directly related to your role
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Managing the AI Model Lifecycle from Development to Production
While advanced machine learning models are increasingly enabling mission-critical applications in enterprises worldwide, many companies lack the right tools and processes to manage model lifecycle from development to deployment into production. Explore with us best practices in integrated governance of machine and deep learning models and lay out design considerations for modern model lifecycle management minimizing time to business outcome. Breakout #1717

A Business Leaders Guide To Implementing AI Without Getting Fired
Enterprise AI is a once in lifetime career opportunity. But implementing it is fraught with pitfalls. Join Forrester analyst, Mike Gualtieri, as he shares nine best practices that enterprise leaders should follow to implement successful projects. Do it right. Avoid the pitfalls. Reap the rewards. Breakout #1722

AI: Endgame
Examine ways to create an AI vision grounded in current reality but with an eye on future trends and possibilities. Also explore the data and architecture requirements needed to support such a roadmap and ways to ensure projects are production ready. Breakout #1754

How AI Will Change Marketing Forever
Every business wants their marketing to be better, faster and cheaper. Yet, study after study tells us the opposite is happening, including unmet revenue expectations and unrealistic performance demands. See real-world use cases and examples of how companies are using AI to drive costs down and revenues up with a focus on customer insights and experience. Panel #1770

Role of AI in Medical Research​
Participate in a discussion about how medical centers confront the challenge of collecting, organizing, and retrieving vast quantities of heterogeneous data that are use for research, quality improvement, outcomes analyses, or best practice discovery. Breakout #1723

EXCLUSIVE: Teradata Vantage™ education and exploration

  • Putting It All Together in Vantage
  • Strategies for Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your New Analytic Workloads on Vantage
  • Exploring the Power of Vantage for Path Analysis (Banking Case Study)
  • Predictive Analytics Using Vantage: An End-to-End Streaming Pipeline for Providing  Live, Actionable Insights (IoT)
  • Pathing Analytics for Healthcare Business Outcomes Using Vantage (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
  • And more, related sessions below!

More sessions for Artificial Intelligence Professionals

Moving Toward Enterprise AI with Teradata Vantage

Successful digital enterprises will be those that are able to gain insights the fastest and take appropriate action across three key pillars: customer experience, digital business and communications network evolution. See how AI tools and frameworks are complementary to Teradata technology.

Breakout #1837

Achieving Operational Excellence with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence or AIOPs

Explore the adoption of AIOPs and how companies are starting to realize the benefits of these technologies. You will walk away from this session better able to evaluate your AIOPs maturity, as well as how purpose-built AIOPs, offered by Teradata, can meet your operational needs.

Breakout #1815

AI Failures: Must the Phoenix First Burn to Emerge?

According to Gartner, 85 percent of big data projects are not successfully deployed in production. Some of the challenges are data availability, data integration, lack of analytic processes and framework, organizational setup, and infrastructure to compute large volumes of data at scale. View examples of how to de-risk analytic investment and see how to plan, execute, productionize, and drive value from AI projects.

Breakout #1870

AI for Social Good: Making a Measurable Impact Globally

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world include: Poverty, Gender Equality, Clean Water & Sanitation, Affordable & Clean Energy and more. Can AI assist to advance SDG? Research findings are promising and suggest we have only just begun to apply AI to SDG goals. Learn how to use AI and earth observations (EO) to provide reliable and disaggregated data for better monitoring of SDGs.

Innovation Theater #1862

Analytics & AI @ A1 Austria

Get to know the success story of Analytics and AI, its huge potential as strategic topic in A1, how it is aligned with the A1 guiding principles and learn about what you can do with mobility insights.

Breakout #1843

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