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Volkswagen Industrial Cloud Partner

Optimizing production, driving productivity

The Volkswagen Industrial Cloud is an open IoT platform developed by Volkswagen and AWS. Teradata will support Volkswagen by providing cloud-based data analytics to optimize production and drive productivity increases in their plants. 

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Integrate all data, increase efficiency, and enable new mobility experiences at scale

Integrate all data from customers, vehicles, supply chains, production, and R&D to digitally transform operations. Enable the delivery of personalized mobility experiences at scale.

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Connected Services

Monetize connected car data by intelligently matching customers with on-demand and subscription services. Focus service offerings by analyzing customer and vehicle interactions across retail and professional fleets.

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Product Quality

Accelerate problem detection with an early warning system across your fleet. Minimize warranty costs, rework, and brand damage through automated root cause analytics to rapidly predict, identify, and resolve issues.

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Supply Chain Resilience  

Balance costs, service levels, and risk to build an agile supply chain capable of rapid responses to the demands of flexible manufacturing, along with meeting the needs of fast-changing supply and demand.

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Create competitive advantage by offering personalized customer experiences based on a deep understanding of individual journeys. Build brand loyalty though meaningful customer engagements across all stages of ownership. 

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Digital Finance

Focus cost-reduction efforts and manage KPIs through a foundation that integrates granular financial and non-financial data. Build multi-level profitability models across both customer and vehicle dimensions.

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Product Development

Shorten lead times and cost burden for testing by shifting physical tests to HiL, SiL, or simulation, based on analytics. Reduce unplanned changes by predicting potential effects of change.

Supporting data driven transformation at scale in the automotive industry through world-class analytical capabilities.

Smart Factory

Remove analytical barriers to deployment of Industry 4.0 and flexible manufacturing with Teradata Vantage. Optimize production and maintenance activities through streaming analytics on integrated IT and OT data. 

Connected Car

Capture in-the-moment data on individual journeys and apply AI and machine learning to optimize real-time customer engagement and personalization, while respecting data privacy laws and personal safety.


A team of global experts with proven automotive experience operationalizing analytics.  We guide companies on how to best use their data to meet strategic business goals.

Mobility As a Service

Accelerate transformation from manufacturer to mobility service provider. Leverage an agile data platform to deploy highly scalable, analytic-driven mobility services.

Scale the value delivered from analytics across the automotive value chain with Teradata Vantage

Stop compromising on your analytics

Stop compromising on your analytics

Software that delivers unified analytics in the cloud, providing an agile data platform integrating data from vehicles, sensors, transactions and interactions at enterprise scale.

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Increase brand loyalty

Increase brand loyalty by actively managing customer experiences online, in the dealership, and in-vehicle.

Vantage CX helps automotive companies sense and react to a multitude of customer touchpoints, creating opportunities to guide customers’ choices and manage their experiences with easy-to-use advanced analytics. 

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