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Teradata University for Academics provides resources to faculty to educate students on the latest analytics technology to ensure the next generation workforce is ready for future career opportunities. 

Our mission

To be a premier academic resource where faculty and students have access to analytics and big data software and materials.

To build an international community whose members share their ideas, experiences and resources.

To serve as a bridge between academia and the world of practice through connections with Teradata's customers.

Benefits for university students

Students can access free online training to help them prepare for a career in data and analytics. Our website makes it easy for you to learn new skills, complete homework assignments, research topics, and browse job openings.

Using Teradata University for Academics, students have access to:

Educational materials

Learn about the power of analytics and data-driven decisions

Free training & discounts

Expanded access to training and certification prep.

Scholarship opportunities

Attend Teradata's largest data analytics conference

Benefits for faculty and educators

Teradata University's goal is to train students to be breakthrough thinkers who use data to create business value. Here you can find materials for your analytics/BI, data science, or database classes.

As a registered Teradata University for Academics member, at no cost, you can: 

Access course materials 

Access assignments, case studies, datasets, teaching notes, syllabi, and more.

Engage in professional networking

Connect with colleagues in the academic and business communities

Provide interactive education 

Leverage software and tools for hands-on experiences for your classes

Faculty and advisors

Teradata University for Academics is supported by a passionate group of academics, ensuring the content will meet the needs of today's data and analytic programs.

Gain access through your university

Teradata University for Academics is truly a global community with more than 5,000 registered faculty members from over 2,700 universities in 118 countries. 

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