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You design the best analytic solutions to solve the most critical business challenges.

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Sessions directly related to your role
Open discussions and thought sharing
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Hands-on workshops

Sessions for ANSWERS to your greatest challenges

Network Analytics: How Grainger Used Affinity Analysis to Identify Database Object Clusters
Network analytics is a powerful technique to find hidden relations among objects through the analysis of nodes and links (edges) among those nodes. Dive deep into network analysis and learn how Grainger discovered its data access patterns using Gephi, an open-source tool. Breakout #1716

Blocks to Branches: Constructing and Visualizing Geographical Territories for a Large Bank
Learn how the Strategic Analysis group at Wells Fargo Bank improved an existing process to construct and visualize geographical territories for each of the 5,500 branches in its physical network. Breakout #1763

Could You Be My Neighbor? Data-driven Neighborhood Analysis Using Teradata Spatial
Hear how the Center for Agribusiness Excellence (CAE) utilizes Teradata Spatial to provide agriculture risk management support that aids the government’s efforts to maintain integrity and efficiency in the Federal Crop Insurance Program. Breakout #1764

EXCLUSIVE: Teradata Vantage™ education and exploration

  • Putting It All Together in Vantage
  • Strategies for Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your New Analytic Workloads on Vantage
  • Exploring the Power of Vantage for Path Analysis (Banking Case Study)
  • Predictive Analytics Using Vantage: An End-to-End Streaming Pipeline for Providing  Live, Actionable Insights (IoT)
  • Pathing Analytics for Healthcare Business Outcomes Using Vantage (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
  • And more, related sessions below!

More sessions for business analysts

Teradata, Alteryx, and Spotfire— Enhancing Legacy Systems in the  Transportation Industry

See a walk-through process of how Teradata can be used to enhance legacy data in the transportation industry.

Session #1845

Driving Business Change From Integrated SAP Data at NXP

Discover how NXP utilizes Teradata EAS to  experience notable business benefits.

Breakout #1833

Information & Insights Strategy Project—Linking Business & Data Strategies

See how Teradata Consulting worked with Delta Airlines to develop a 3–5 year business & data strategy and gained financial resources to execute.

Breakout #1740

A Business View of Operational Data (BVOD)

Learn how Delta Airlines promoted the critical role data plays in driving its culture of innovation and continual customer service improvement.

Breakout #1738

Technology Integration to Enable Analytics Development and Production Migration

View and discuss analytics use cases leveraging data labs as a flexible environment for solution development.

Breakout #1733

Performing Analytic Visualization in Database Using Teradata

See first-hand examples of scatter and bar  plots, histograms, and wafer maps, as well as evaluation of performance in generating plots in the database.

Breakout #1729

Caring for Your Customers’ Privacy is Being CCPA Complaint. Do You Care? We Do.

Learn about BevMo’s customer management solution and how it became CCPA compliant using the Teradata Connected Identity solution.

Panel #1727

Overcoming Information Overload with Advanced Practices in Data Visualization: Hands on Workshop

Build your confidence to deploy and use analytics in the cloud, while leveraging the power of Vantage.

Workshop #1906

From Zero to Pervasive Data Intelligence: Best Practices in Culture, Process, Tools, and Training Changes

Explore the journey into the democratization of analytics and analytics-as-a-service—Pervasive Data Intelligence.

Panel #1809

Hear first-hand from customers

How they address the same challenges you’re experiencing, while empowering their  business with insights from all their data, all of the time.

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