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The Flexible Analytical Ecosystem Management Solution

Teradata Ecosystem Management Overview
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It’s an unfortunate reality, but most time spent on analytics is traditionally with low-value activities. A variety of factors — organizational, security requirements, data properties, access patterns — funnel data into numerous siloes, making enterprise-wide access difficult if not impossible. Having all the core software needed to ingest, access, manage, and deploy a multi-system analytic ecosystem saves both time and money.

That’s why we created Teradata IntelliSphere™.

With the right set of ecosystem management capabilities, companies can break down data silos that exist within their IT environments. By eliminating these roadblocks, organizations can solve problems faster, gaining new agility, and realizing big benefits.



Ingest and distribute high-volume data streams with ready-to-run elastic architecture and fast access, for business-critical analysis.

Teradata IntelliSphere


Easily access data stored anywhere — even a hybrid cloud or heterogeneous technology environment.

Teradata IntelliSphere


Deploy applications and analytic models with easy user access and enterprise collaboration.

Teradata IntelliSphere


Management software for ad-hoc data movement, as well as ongoing monitoring and control via an operational interface.

Teradata IntelliSphere

  • Ingest
  • Access
  • Deploy
  • Manage

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