Maximum Capability, Minimal Complexity The easy, affordable way to enable a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable analytical ecosystem? Teradata IntelliSphere. The Teradata IntelliSphere Portfolio complements the Teradata Vantage with core surrounding capabilities — Ingest, Access, Manage, and Deploy — in one simple, subscription-based software license.
  • features & Benefits

Complete solution covering software components required to Ingest, Access, Manage, and Deploy an analytical ecosystem.

Ongoing Innovation

Innovative, new software releases with additional functionality at no added cost or charge.

cost savings

Substantial savings compared to purchasing products individually with multiple licenses, IDs, and charges.


Simplifies purchasing and licensing existing Teradata ecosystem software products by allowing customers to purchase all existing Teradata analytical ecosystem products on a subscription basis with an unlimited license for all owned Teradata platforms.


Dual System Optimization

High levels of availability with dual system orchestration, and efficient use of resources by load balancing workloads across multiple systems.


Drives increased user adoption by providing users with the ability to easily develop, deploy, and reuse analytics — and giving citizen data integrators the tools needed to ingest and move data — all without the need for IT assistance.


Greater business insight, business value, and faster time to market by seamlessly accessing and querying data across your analytical infrastructure.


Analytics are business and mission critical. A robust HA/DR solution ensures uptime for critical analytical systems.

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