What are the Benefits of a Customer Data Platform?

A Snapshot of CDP Benefits

Customer data platforms (CDPs), are marketer-managed systems that create a persistent, unified customer database, complementing existing software and marketing efforts while enabling an organization to build better customer relationships. CDPs have both champions and challengers; read on to learn more about the benefits of a customer data platform.

Benefits of a Customer Data Platform

A CDP system ingests, consolidates and normalizes customer data from multiple online and offline sources. The data is centralized for analytics, campaigns, and other business needs.

usability icon Usability

CDPs organize data for immediate use with minimal effort to set up the CDP. Unlike a traditional data warehouse, set-up and maintenance doesn’t require technical expertise. 

one customer view icon One Customer View

A CDP visualizes collected data through individual user profiles, creating a 360-degree customer view by tapping into a single, central data repository.

unifies customer data icon Unifies Customer Data

Using a customer data platform eliminates inconsistent data pulled from multiple online and offline sources and creates a reliable, unified single customer view.

3rd party data access icon 3rd Party Data Access

Third party martech and campaign delivery software can easily access data stored in a CDP.

custom analysis icon Custom Analysis

CDPs enable users to gain insights from real‑time data, identify high‑value segments, boost machine learning with high‑quality data, and predict a customer’s future steps.

data democratization icon Data Democratization

A CDP democratizes customer data access, eliminates IT bottlenecks, and provides data access for superior marketing, customer service, and business intelligence.

Customer Perception

Customer Perception

How customers perceive interactions with a company influences the optimal customer experience.How customers perceive interactions with a company influences the optimal customer experience.
Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Reach all customers, in real-time, with customer-centric messages tailored to each user.Reach all customers, in real-time, with customer-centric messages tailored to each user.
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Eliminates Data Silos

Data silos are bad for business. A CDP can help an organization eliminate silos by unifying customer data and giving access to every employee who needs it.

Direct Data Collection

Divergent data isn’t helpful. CDPs use pixels and tracking tools as the primary means of first-party data collection, so a CDP holds the most accurate customer information.

Concise Customer Profiles

Accurate, timely customer data is a must for managing customer relationships. CDPs create customer profiles that help inform customer behavioral analysis and construct identity graphs.

Unified Cross-Channel Marketing

An enterprise has a variety of campaigns at any given time. A CDP can unify the marketing efforts across multiple channels with consolidated, accurate data.

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