Our Most Versatile Platform The IntelliBase platform enables a mixture of Teradata and other application nodes to meet workload requirements — all installed into one cabinet to preserve valuable data center floor space.
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Run Teradata Vantage SQL Engine or other applications on the same hardware — and even toggle between two when workload requirements change


Reduce data center cost and complexity with dense cabinet footprint and single cabinet, multi-system support


Rest easy knowing your business is protected with mission critical availability


Cost-effective, fully-supported alternative to commodity hardware


IntelliBase guarantees the protection of your investment with re-deployable hardware and multi-generational support


Experience uniquely fast query response time with powerful, next generation technology


Integrated processing nodes and storage for simple, linear scalability up to 32 nodes (Teradata) and 2,048 nodes (Hadoop)


Latest, greatest CPU and data storage technology


Customize cabinet configuration based on performance and/or data capacity requirements


Experience industry-leading workload management capabilities for optimizing database resources

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate operational costs with a pre-integrated, tuned, ready-to-go big data solution that reduces costs and speeds time to value.

Scalable, Manageable, Ready-to-Go

Performance, ease-of-use, and manageability are vastly improved from the typical do-it-yourself Hadoop big data system.

High Availability

Higher availability and failover using automatic load balancing, multiple network paths, and isolation while processing Hadoop jobs/tasks.

World Class Support

End-to-end, global and regional support for the entire solution, including hardware, OS, and Hadoop software.

Analytical Ecosystem Integration

Robust software technologies that integrate Hadoop into a larger ecosystem and help businesses achieve optimal value for big data analysis.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Scalable, Manageable, Ready-to-Go
  • High Availability
  • World Class Support
  • Analytical Ecosystem Integration

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