Interactive Webinar

Are you faced with the challenge of understanding how data flows across a complex ecosystem comprised of various different technologies?

Teradata’s DataDNA™ is an automation service that bolsters regulatory compliance, uncovers opportunities to monetize data, identifies PII data, or can help you understand your data usage, across platforms, for better workflow management and decision making.

See DataDNA™ in action and learn more about:

Treating data as an asset—identifying data and its lineage within your organization for trusted data you can monetize

What different organizations, from varying industries, are doing to help answer questions from regulators

How automation can help business and IT to understand and use their data better

We will demonstrate:

An automated as-a-service solution that will help you understand what data you have, and on which platforms—providing accessible metadata for data integration, quality, MDM, governance, and more.

Identifying who uses the data in your organization and how. Are they building thousands of end-user-computing environments or are your analytic environments giving them the answers they need?

The link between business glossary and reports (including regulatory and financial reports) and the underlying data and lineage—as well as how this can be understood quickly and in a repeatable, auditable manner.

Access a recording of a previous live session here.

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