Fellows and advisors

Teradata University for Academics


Teradata supported, professor led

Teradata University for Academics was founded in 2002 and is currently supported by Teradata leaders and a passionate group of professors. Their insight and contributions are critical to the development and enhancement of this truly unique teaching academic outreach program.


Ramesh Sharda

Oklahoma State University

Hugh Watson

University of Georgia

Barbara Wixom


Faculty advisors

Tracy Bibelnieks 
University of Minnesota - Duluth

Dursun Delen
Oklahoma State University

Lakshmi Iyer
Appalachian State University

David Numme
Southern New Hampshire University

Paul Cao
University of California - San Diego

Barbara Dinter
Chemnitz University Germany

Suhong Li
Bryant University

Dave Schrader
Teradata - retired

Jongwook Woo
California State University - Los Angeles

Claudia Caparelli
FIAP Brazil 

Ron Freeze
University of Arkansas

Raheem Mafas
Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Haley Wixom 
Duke University

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