The Importance of Concurrency in a Data Warehouse

Supporting collaboration across the enterprise

As the world become increasingly digitalized, business must optimize their data warehouse to manage massive amounts of data and capture intelligence from an influx of information. Concurrency is an essential part of an integrated analytics environment that delivers the best analytics functions at scale.

Every business needs data. More importantly they need to expose answers to complex business challenges hidden within that data. Processing the vast amounts of data within a data warehouse can be overwhelming, especially when businesses have a blend of traditional and cloud-based data warehouses.

Concurrency is mission critical to glean business intelligence in real-time, at scale. 10 users running 10 queries involving 10 rows or tables may not be hard to manage, but scaling to thousands or millions creates an environment that’s impossible for human beings to manage.

Concurrency ensures that everyone works from the same real-time data warehouse without having a negative impact on anyone else. This allows innovation to proceed without delay and for people to have full confidence that the data being used is accurate.

Moving from departmental point solutions to operational and production systems working at scale requires finely tuned concurrency.

Teradata Vantage solves the “ten hundred thousand” concurrency problem, allowing your business to move from insight to production no matter what your data warehouse environment is.

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