Microlearning: Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher

Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher
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In this video I will describe the Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher page and its features and navigation. This is the Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher page that you see immediately after you sign in. In the upper middle part of the page you can see how many days you have remaining in your Vantage Trial as well as how many TCore hours you have remaining.

In the middle of the page you will notice a list of Vantage applications: the Vantage Editor which is a web-based SQL query editor, Vantage Analyst which is point and click visualizations and workflows, and the Console which lets you scale and monitor your Vantage environment in the cloud. Jupyter Lab's installed and connected to your Vantage instance with Python R and Teradata SQL kernels. And there is a link to explore more Teradata Vantage products.

On the right-hand side you have a link to frequently asked questions, a link to Vantage forums, and a link to very detailed Vantage documentation, as well as a welcome video. In the top right you'll notice a Help icon to access Vantage documentation and forums, an Account icon, which is how you sign out, a More icon which lets you toggle between light and dark mode, and the App Switcher. You can switch between any of the Vantage applications here. These are the same applications you see in the middle of the App Launcher page.

Let's see the App Switcher in action. For example, if you are in Vantage Editor and you need to get back to the App Launcher page you can always go to the top right and click the App Switcher icon, choose App Launcher from the list, and it will take you back to the App Launcher page.

In this video I described the key features and navigation of the Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher page.

This video describes the Teradata Vantage Trial App Launcher, its features, and navigation.  

For more information see the Teradata Vantage Trial Quick Start Guide.  

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