Technical Video

Smart Data Management - The Blueprint for Smart Cities

In this session, Stepan Korec, Director, Business Consulting, South Asia, Teradata, will cover:

  •  What really makes a city smart?  Smart Parking, Smart Homes, Smart Lighting and the like are really just a few steps on a journey. What will really make a city become smart is the integration and analysis of data from these otherwise disparate initiatives and all the others like them.    
  • Let's talk about the new intelligence that will enable our city to deliver new services to its citizens - from integrated public, private and personal transport systems to energy profiles that incorporate our homes, workplaces, vehicles and more.    
  • And to understand how all this integration and analytics will bring Smart City citizens some actual benefits, we will have to get technical. Therefore, we shall also examine the types of data that we're going to encounter in our Smart City.