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How to Injure Yourself in a POC on the Cloud

How to Injure Yourself in a POC on the Cloud
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The original LinkedIn Live session aired on March 24, 2021.  

You're an agent of change with the responsibility of determining your company's analytic future. Your task is to select a replacement technology, and whatever it is, it will be in the cloud. There are lots of options. You’ve had years of experience on the current platform sitting in your data center, but will that experience help you or make you over-confident that everything you’ve always known will work the same way in the cloud? Are benchmark design and implementation skills different than skills you’ve honed over your career?

Doug Ebel, Benchmark Trainer and Mentor, and Kevin Bogusch, Ecosystem Architect, discuss how you can definitely injure yourself in a POC on the cloud as well as how to perform a POC that selects the best technology for you.