Refreshingly Affordable Cloud Pricing

Depending on scale, your organization will have varying cloud needs. From teams and departments to business units and enterprises, Teradata provides data analytic solutions for every cloud need at a refreshingly affordable price.

For teams, consumption pricing is recommended. Teradata’s Consumption Pricing gives you the economic freedom of a zero down, pay-only-for-what-you-use model, with the added convenience of automatic elasticity. 

For departments, blended pricing is recommended. Teradata’s Blended Pricing gives business units peace of mind with predictable pricing, safe in the knowledge that you have the freedom to scale as and when you need it.

Blended pricing is also recommended for business units. Teradata’s Blended Pricing delivers the lowest cost at scale. With a predictable price tag and enterprise features that mean you can always scale as needed, Teradata is the obvious choice for enterprise organizations. 

Where others provide limited cloud options, Teradata provides hybrid multi-cloud solutions. No matter what you need from the cloud, Teradata delivers with flexibility, affordability and transparency. Use our cost calculator to see if you’re overpaying for your cloud data analytic needs.

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