Optimize the Customer Experience

Vantage CX delivers contextually relevant content, based on real-time interactions, for every customer, across any digital channel. This intuitive cloud-based application gives marketers control to design and execute more impactful omni-channel customer experiences, breaking down customer data silos and applying advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver real-time, context-based communications.

RTIM providers that matter most

RTIM Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up

Teradata has been named a LEADER in RTIM, for the third consecutive time, in the recently published Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q1 2019.

Accelerating GDPR Compliance with Teradata

Accelerating GDPR Compliance with Teradata

Vantage CX meets General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requirements, helping marketing departments adhere to GDPR requirements in context of broader organizational goals and enabling marketers to meet individual customer rights requirements.

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Real-time context plus historical preferences

Vantage CX enables real-time dynamic hyper-personalization by determining the optimal message to deliver based on both what the customer is doing right now combined with historical, integrated information on that customer’s experiences and behaviors. Leverage real-time data such as browsing behavior, sensors, beacons, geo-location, and other sources to trigger timely communications.

Multi-Channel Personalization

Real-Time Personalization with Vantage CX makes it easy for Marketers to deliver hyper-personalized messages through multiple digital channels, including web sites, SMS, POS, email, and other digital screens. Vantage CX uses APIs and SFTP standards to connect to customer engagement systems so they can be infused with highly personalized actions.

Machine Learning Driven Decisions

Machine Learning Driven Decisions

Machine learning optimizes a goal selected by the business user—maximizing the attach rate of product category, minimizing costs by persuading customers to use lower cost channels—and AI algorithms continually learn and improve as data increases and decisions are made.