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Teradata Joins Open Manufacturing Platform

February 23, 2021 | San Diego/Munich

Teradata will work with leading manufacturers in the Open Manufacturing Platform community to develop solutions for industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

Group aims to enable faster and more cost-effective innovation and production in manufacturing and automotive through cloud-based data analytics

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a leading multi-cloud data warehouse platform provider, joined the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) – a global alliance initiated by the BMW Group and Microsoft to drive industrial IoT developments and build future Industry 4.0 solutions in the manufacturing and automotive sector. As a member of the OMP, Teradata will help manufacturers accelerate innovation and achieve production efficiencies across the entire value chain by unlocking the potential of their data.

Common Challenges for Industry 4.0

While working to build their “smart factory,” in which all plants, products and processes are digitalized and interconnected, manufacturers worldwide share similar advantages and challenges: They benefit from a rapid adoption of new technologies that allow for greater operational efficiencies, factory output, customer loyalty and net profits, but too many manufacturers still struggle with the real-world implementation of IoT concepts. One such challenge is ensuring that data from legacy, as well as modern systems, is interoperable and usable across a multi-cloud environment so that holistic decisions and predictions can be made. Proprietary systems, which so often become data silos, make reliable visibility throughout the supply chain daunting, and thus hinder future business models. In addition, thousands of analytical models are needed to evaluate the petabytes of data produced by machines and robots every hour in order to generate actionable insights.

Building the Future of Manufacturing with Data Analytics

To solve these pressing challenges, Teradata will bring its extensive experience, expertise, and solutions in cloud-based data analytics to the OMP community, with a specific focus on the “Manufacturing Reference Architecture” and “Semantic Data Structuring” working groups. In open collaboration and knowledge sharing with leading manufacturers, Teradata will work to develop a blueprint for an industrial IoT architecture, and to simplify the deployment and management of the entire cloud and edge manufacturing environment. Teradata will also help develop a semantic data structuring layer so that manufacturers can easily share, reuse, and evaluate heterogeneous data.

Both are critical projects in terms of the objective of the working groups: to define and to use a common open data model, to influence existing and future standards, and to build open solutions for industrial IoT. By being completely independent of cloud providers or other vendors, Teradata's technology substantially aligns with the core principle of the OMP to bring forward platform-agnostic solutions that enable a smarter future in manufacturing.

“Teradata has been helping the world's leading manufacturing and automotive companies boost their production through data for more than 40 years,” says Peter Stadler, Vice President, Central Europe at Teradata. “As a member of OMP, we are pleased to accompany them on their way to Industry 4.0 and to contribute to new cutting-edge solutions with the help of data analytics and thus also to smart manufacturing of the future.”  

Founded in 2019 under the umbrella of the Joint Development Foundation, a part of the Linux Foundation, the OMP helps manufacturing companies accelerate innovation at scale through open cross-industry collaboration, knowledge and data sharing as well as access to new technologies. Current OMP steering committee members are Anheuser-Busch InBev, BMW Group, Bosch Group, Microsoft, and ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Teradata also contributes to other industry alliances, such as the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum, focused on developing a standard data platform that brings together exploration, development, and wells data in the oil and gas industry.

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