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Teradata Moves the Cloud Forward with Extended Cloud Analytics Offerings and New Partner, Google Cloud

October 22, 2019 | DENVER, Colorado

New cloud elements include pay-as-you-go consumption pricing, native object store integration, and Hadoop migration services

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the cloud analytics company delivering Pervasive Data Intelligence, today announced new offerings to help companies use Vantage to simplify their analytic ecosystems and move forward from analytics to answers, wherever they are on their cloud journey. With these announcements, Teradata Vantage now unifies analytics, data lakes and data warehouses, all in the cloud.
  1. Teradata will soon expand its public cloud offerings to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With this addition, Teradata’s as-a-service capabilities will be available across the top three global public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  2. Teradata is adding native support for low-cost storage – via object stores Amazon S3, Azure Blob and eventually, Google Cloud Storage – to ensure that Teradata Vantage customers can cost-effectively access and query 100% of their data to get a complete and integrated view of their business.
  3. Teradata is adding consumption, or pay-as-you-go, pricing which gives Vantage customers the freedom to perform complex analytics on virtually any amount of data and pay only for what they use, down to the millisecond.
  4. Teradata is offering a Hadoop Migration Program – a collection of tools, processes and services that help companies quickly move away from Hadoop and instead modernize their infrastructure with Vantage and native support for cloud object stores.

“Teradata is absolutely committed to providing the best enterprise analytic capabilities in the cloud with Vantage software,” said Ashish Yajnik, Vice President of Product Management at Teradata. “We enable companies to start small and elastically scale resources only when needed, and then pay only for what they use. Adding Google Cloud Platform to the global footprint already offered by Teradata will provide customers with unrivaled choice and flexibility with how and where they use Teradata Vantage. Plus, with native support for low-cost storage as well as a Hadoop Migration Program, organizations will be able to access and query all of their data, regardless of where it is, to get an unrivaled view of virtually every aspect of their business.”

Partners with Google Cloud for Expanded Cloud Analytics
Teradata will soon expand its public cloud deployment offerings to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Offering Vantage on GCP means that Teradata manages the performance, security, availability and operations of the enterprise analytic environment using Vantage software and GCP compute and storage infrastructure, so that customers can focus on finding answers to their toughest business challenges.

Business leaders are increasingly looking to cloud services to access and use software rather than take on the responsibility, cost and effort involved with owning and maintaining IT infrastructure. Many companies have chosen Google Cloud as their preferred cloud service provider. By partnering with Google Cloud, Teradata offers its customers the powerful analytic capabilities they need in the public cloud environment they prefer.

“Our mission is to help customers supercharge their information and enable them to achieve their digital transformation goals,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud. “Teradata customers want to get as much value out of their data as possible, so we are delighted to partner with Teradata to connect them to Google Cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, enhance cloud security, and scale seamlessly. Google and Teradata will work together to tightly integrate Google Cloud services like AI and Google Cloud Storage into Vantage to bring advanced capabilities to our joint customers.”

Customers interested in using Vantage on GCP can expect a comprehensive as-a-service solution for enterprise analytics that includes software, services, infrastructure and support. Migration from an on-premises system to Google Cloud Platform can be quick and low-risk because Vantage software is consistent from one environment to the next, which greatly simplifies the process. With global deployment and enterprise-class analytics, Teradata customers will be able to focus on getting answers from their analytics knowing Teradata provides industry-leading performance, security, availability and operations.

Availability: Teradata Vantage on GCP is planned to be available in 2020. Customers interested in a private preview during the first half of 2020 should contact their Teradata account team.

Adds Native Support for Low-Cost Storage
Enterprises are drowning in data, unable to keep up with the never-ending onslaught of new sources, applications, users, tools and integration challenges. Vantage enables businesses to simplify their expanding analytic ecosystems and get the most value from all their data.

With native support for low-cost storage – via object stores Amazon S3 and Azure Blob – Teradata is ensuring that Vantage customers can query all their data, all the time, to get a complete and integrated view of every aspect of their business. In the future, Teradata also plans to expand its native support to Google Cloud Storage as a part of its partnership with Google Cloud.

Low-cost storage is used for capturing and retaining all data at raw fidelity from each source, such as equipment sensors, internet clickstreams, customer service calls, social media accounts and more. With new built-in support for low-cost storage, customers are able to join raw data with enterprise data and open the door to a much more complete and insightful view of their organization.

Availability: Native access to low-cost object stores is in private preview now, with general availability planned in the first half of 2020.
Pricing: Native object store is included with Vantage.

Launches New Consumption Pricing for Vantage
With the addition of consumption – or pay-as-you-go – pricing for Vantage, Teradata gives its customers the freedom to perform complex analytics on virtually any amount of data and pay only for resources used, down to the millisecond, with zero upfront commitment. This innovation shifts the deployment risk from customers to Teradata, a huge value-add for enterprises seeking maximum financial and operational flexibility.

Availability: Consumption pricing for Teradata Vantage has limited availability now, with general availability planned in the first half of 2020.

Offers a Hadoop Migration Service, Leveraging Low-cost Storage in the Cloud
Many companies invested significant time and money in the promise of Hadoop, but the industry has since evolved to an architecture that embraces the separation of compute and storage, and leverages cloud object stores like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob. The shift away from Hadoop has created substantial uncertainty in a market that increasingly values predictability in both cost and performance.

As the first major vendor to see and quickly address this growing concern in the market, Teradata is offering its deep migration knowledge and professional services experience to help customers gracefully transition their analytic ecosystems to the cloud, reducing risk while maintaining a low total cost of ownership via inexpensive cloud storage.

Teradata’s Hadoop Migration Program – a collection of tools, processes and services – helps companies rapidly and easily move away from Hadoop and instead leverage a modern cloud architecture using Vantage integrated with cloud object stores. The move decreases customers’ ecosystem complexity while providing ease-of-use and broad access to the entire analytical environment. With Vantage supported by cloud infrastructure, customers can expect faster analytic results leading to better decisions, greater business agility and an inherent ability to drive greater value from their investment.

Components of the Hadoop Migration offering include a service for each stage of the transition: a platform assessment service that evaluates a current Hadoop environment; a planning service that recommends technology solutions and architecture; and an implementation service that migrates data, schema, pipelines, and applications to Vantage and other technologies, including cloud object stores.

Availability: Hadoop migration services are now available globally.
Pricing: Cost for services is tailored, based on needs from the customer’s specific environment.
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