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The Sartell Group

The Sartell Group

Since 2003, The Sartell Group has been steadily growing as it helps its clients meet their business objectives. The dynamic growth in areas such as data warehousing, has propelled The Sartell Group to become one of the leading knowledge and resource suppliers to one of the largest data warehouse vendors in the world.

Superior growth has not only been attainable in data warehousing, but other areas, such as Custom Application Development, Performance Tuning, and Technical Support & Maintenance, have seen a substantial foundation built out of clients’ business needs.

Each area of the company leverages the other areas in order for The Sartell Group to offer full solutions to their clients.

Benefits of Partnership

Partnering with one of the largest data warehouse vendors in the world, The Sartell Group has been exposed to a wide range of projects of all sizes and timelines. Having a well rounded resource pool has aided The Sartell Group in offering full solutions to clients.

From developing small 5 to 10 user MS Access database applications to applications with hundreds of simultaneous users, The Sartell Group has been successful in leveraging the right technology at the right time. By combining custom application development with skills and knowledge of data warehousing, client projects have seen millions of dollars in return on investment.

With database technology coupled with custom application development, there isn't much The Sartell Group cannot accomplish for its clients.

Teradata Tax Compliance Solution (TTCS) / Case Management System (CAMS)

TTCS / CAMS is a fully integrated, modular solution with the ability to track leads through a customizable workflow.

About The Sartell Group

The Sartell Group offers full solutions to clients from their rounded resource pool. Everything from developing small database applications to ones with hundreds of users.