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End-to-End Data Lineage with MANTA

We help enterprises to get end-to-end data lineage including custom SQL code. With Manta Tools, organizations achieve full regulatory compliance, improve data governance and save millions of dollars on data warehouse development. We work perfectly in BI environments based on Teradata and we are able to create seamless data lineage with multiple other technologies (Informatica, Oracle, Microsoft SQL) as well. Manta Tools is currently deployed in data warehouses in both the US & Europe, in companies such as PayPal, Comcast, OBI, Vodafone and many others.

Benefits of Partnership

Manta Tools improves high-performance Teradata EDW technology by adding transparency and the visibility layer needed for easier, cost effective maintenance and required for compliance. With Manta Tools there is no need to rewrite logic from BTEQ scripts to ETL workflows just for sake of data governance or end-to-end data lineage.

Teradata Software partners can also benefit from Manta Tools. CSIs should use Manta Tools when implementing data governance or metadata projects around Teradata of almost any size. ISVs can leverage through their software our superior capability to parse (not just) BTEQ scripts and process them in an automated way.


MANTA creates a detailed visualization of your BI environment including multiple technologies and messy custom code. Supports Teradata, Informatica, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and many other scanners and integrations. A full list of supported technologies can be found on:

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Product Interoperability

Version Teradata Versions
3.22 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10

About Manta

Manta Flow, our key data lineage visualization product, is able to connect to data warehouses based on Teradata, Oracle and Microsoft SQL and provide metadata to complete data lineage into our own beautifiul data lineage visualization, Informatica Metadata Manager or IBM Information Governance Catalog. This allows our customers to save on expensive labor, complete regulatory output and optimize storage & performance. Impact analyses in complex DWHs performed with the help of Manta Tools take 90% less time than before.