Power Telco's CFO with Advance Analytics

Power Telco's CFO with Advance Analytics

Within your finance department, CFOs face multi-pronged business challenges such as falling ROI & margins, creating forward-looking strategies to better drive top & bottom line and product innovation.

On the data front, common challenges faced by your finance team starts right from data preparation, to reporting and everything in between like reconciliation, adjustments, AI & ML centric insights for account receivables. This impacts into timely budgeting, costing & scenarios deep-dive analysis.

In this fireside chat with industry experts, you'll take away: 

  • How can CFOs digitalise and empower business strategy powered by advance analytics and data-driven business processes?
  • Why every department in telco needs to be connected to financial data?
  • Telco's future margins continute to be in danger. How do you prepare for this?

You'll also find out how Telcos can take a centralised approach in building an automated, data-driven advance analytics to power up your finance function.

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