Nordstrom’s Journey to an Enterprise Analytics Platform–Back to the Future

Nordstrom’s Journey to an Enterprise Analytics Platform – Back to the Future

Join us for a live encore of Nordstrom’s session delivered at the recent Teradata Universe conference: Nordstrom’s Journey to an Enterprise Analytics Platform–Back to the Future. Kevin Jewell, Director of Engineering for Data and Analytical Services at Nordstrom, will be the featured presenter.

During this session, Nordstrom will discuss their 3 year journey from Teradata to Redshift and back to Teradata. You’ll hear why Nordstrom migrated to Redshift and then chose to migrate back to Teradata for enterprise analytics.

Kevin has 30+ years of experience across different industries and technologies with a passion for databases and analytics. He leads teams managing platforms that serve data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence and data interchange capabilities. Over the last few years, his teams have moved some of their on-premise Teradata databases to AWS running Teradata and Redshift. Currently, Kevin’s organization is part of a larger initiative to build out the Nordstrom Analytics Platform using Teradata as its SQL access edge.

To register, please email Teradata customers, prospects, and Teradata Systems Integrators are permitted to join.