The Teradata COVID-19 Global Hackathon

Teradata is turning to its data engineering, data scientists, and analytic resources to help humanity tackle COVID-19.

Our experts are working virtually to formulate ideas about how data can be leveraged to help solve issues the world is facing as a result of the pandemic. Submission categories cover various industry sectors and include ideas such as the following:

Monitoring diets of the infected to track recovery trends

Tracking mask availability by location

Tracking employee productivity in a Work from Home setting 

Reducing retail icon

Reducing the number of contamination points for retail goods

Determining how CT Scans can be used to diagnose infection when tests are not available

Mapping where the virus is likely to remain strong or impact in a second wave

Developing safe transport processes for when the workforce returns to the office

Quarantine zone icon

Alerting people when they are nearing a quarantine zone through geofencing

Fitness devices icon

Leveraging fitness devices to determine early warning signs such as elevated heart rates overlaid with other data points to predict infection

Respiratory therapy icon

Identifying the best time to implement respiratory therapy to decrease the need for more aggressive treatments later 

Employees have submitted nearly 100 ideas and 25 of those have been selected to be part of an global hackathon within the company. Criteria for the best ideas fall into the following five categories:


Strong analytic relevance and impact
to COVID-19 insights and solutions


Positive impact on improving solutions
for COVID-19 in healthcare


Positive impact on data and analytics related
to COVID-19 beyond the core medical industry


Best in class use of Teradata technology


Potential to become a valuable Teradata
service in a post-COVID-19 world

Check back frequently for updates and to see how we’ll put data to work to help fight COVID-19. 

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