Corporate social responsibilities

Environmental Health and Safety

Teradata is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of its employees, contractors and vendors as well as the communities in which it operates. In 2009, as part of that commitment, Teradata developed a global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program. This program provides guidance on implementing and complying with basic environmental, health and safety procedures within our facilities and complying with regulatory requirements.

The EHS policy and procedures are based on established, well-recognized international standards and regulatory requirements that apply to Teradata locations worldwide. The program requires that all employees and onsite contractors comply with and review the EHS program procedures every three years. In addition, onsite audits and assessments are to be conducted every three years on a rotational basis. There are two components to the EHS program – the EHS Management System (EHSMS) which explains the overall EHS program and 19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) which contain the guidelines and procedures to be followed for specific areas of EHS.

The successful implementation of this program requires each Teradata location to have a designated Site EHS Coordinator. This person will serve as the primary contact for EHS matters and “take charge” of the facility should an emergency situation arise.

Oversight of Teradata’s EHS program falls under the company’s COO office.

Consult our EHS handbook and procedures manual for more information.