Environmental Social Governance

Creating value through corporate responsibility.

Our approach to corporate responsibility

At Teradata, we are committed to operating a business that is responsible for our impact on society and the planet. We strive to address global environmental challenges by pursuing initiatives to improve our sustainability, with a focus on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water.

Learn how we integrate environment, social, and governance (ESG) factors in management of operations across our entire value chain.

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Teradata is committed to product sustainability

A commitment to product sustainability

Our objective is to provide our customers with best-in-class products that reduce consumption and waste of the Earth’s precious natural resources. We seek to maximize opportunities for energy efficiency, recycling, and reuse with powerful cloud-based platform data warehousing and analytic offerings that are capable of exceeding stringent worldwide energy

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A supply chain that benefits all

We hold our suppliers to the same level of integrity to which we hold ourselves. Our supply chain management approach encompasses direct and indirect suppliers, and addresses human rights, supplier diversity and mineral sourcing. We work closely with our suppliers to convey our expectations, monitor compliance, and ensure our supply chain benefits all involved.

Code of conduct

Reducing our environmental impact

Teradata is committed to addressing global environmental challenges by managing the impact of our facilities and operations. We have pioneered programs in the areas of video conferencing, virtual employment, recycling, and energy conservation to improve our sustainability, while using and reusing resources at the most efficient level possible.

Teradata cultivates a diverse and inclusive workplace

Cultivating a culture of belonging

Our long-term success is directly linked to ensuring that all identities, backgrounds, and expressions are represented. Diversity, equity, and inclusion principles are incorporated in our hiring, compensation, promotion, and development practices, and we have publicly committed to creating more equality in the workplace.

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Teradata Cares

Our goal is to build strong and vibrant communities and make a positive difference where we live and work. Teradata Cares is our community relations program dedicated to investing in our communities through financial support, our technology, talent, expertise, and time.

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Teradata Cares program

Leadership and governance

Operating as a responsible global citizen is a vital element of our culture. Our Board of Directors is actively engaged in the oversight and advancement of ESG matters and operates independently to set the tone of ethics and integrity from the top of our organization.

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