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Team Effort Makes a Big Difference in the Community

Team Effort Makes a Big Difference in the Community

Teradata Cares creates opportunities for employees to engage with their local communities in three key areas:

  • Improving education to help tomorrow's technologists and business leaders understand the possibilities that technology provides
  • Strengthening neighborhoods and communities
  • Helping the environment and supporting corporate sustainability

Local Community Cares Champions can be found all over the world. These individuals plan and organize Teradata Cares programs in their local communities.
Each month, we will highlight some of the work being done by Teradata employees in communities worldwide. This month, we're shining the spotlight on Teradata Pakistan. The members of TD Pakistan work alongside community volunteers and have a team focus on:

1 - Education
2 - Healthcare
3 - Unemployment

Under these programs they help individuals and deserving families to do group projects.  The efforts of the TD Pakistan team have now impacted more than 15,000 individuals.

Some of the recent projects include purchasing books, uniforms and shoes at start of new academic year.  Fund raising and sponsoring medical treatment of unprivileged individuals, considering the very limited support from government in healthcare for general public.  Providing respectable means for earning income such as purchasing auto-rickshaws for unemployed persons.

Other projects include: (view details of the below in their Newsletter)

  • Spending a day with kids in village schools mentoring, distributing gifts and talking to their parents for better rearing of their kids
  • Arrangement of blood donation camps, free medical camps, and helping blind people (in progress)
  • Spreading awareness for finding ways of self-employment. Sponsoring skill development in unemployed persons in vicinity

Team Pakistan's Ongoing Partnership with the Kamahan Village Shool Project - Lahore, Pakistan

TD Cares Pakistan team is running their biggest project yet which is to bring street children into school in 'Kamahan' village near Lahore. They currently have 65 students in the program and are going to enroll even more students. This program began in March, 2016.

The team brought many of the students, whose ages range from 9 – 11 years, to school for the very first time. This is indeed one the biggest achievements in this project. This school is under close supervision by the TD Cares team and is happy to state that all students are being sponsored by Teradata employees, which is in fact a considerable fund raising activity in itself!

Furthermore, the TD Cares team collects detailed data regarding each student and follows a pre-defined screening process before sponsoring a student. They also take monthly feedback from the school and meet all parents at least once a quarter to keep them motivated. Almost all the students are from very poor families, with the fathers and mothers working as laborers such as waiters, rickshaw, house guards, or car washers. Those are the lucky parents; some don’t have jobs at all.

The team would like to highlight that they have interviewed almost 100 students and their parents and are continuously working to reach and support more students.

Teradata Cares Pakistan Team – Congratulations and thanks to you all!

  • Bilal Bin Munir
  • ​Taimur Ahsan
  • Adnan Kazi
  • Badshah Rehman
  • Sheraz Arshad
  • Azhar Ali Siddiqui
  • Jibran Ahmed
  • Muhammad Bilal Anjum
  • Muhammad Aslam
  • Arslam Nadeem
  • Sameer Shahzad
  • Rabiah Parvaiz
  • Mahira Iqbal Malik
  • Rubina Khan
  • Mehreen Malik
  • Syed Naveed Shahzad
  • Imran Khan
Portrait of Teradata Cares

Teradata Cares

Teradata Cares is a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference where we live and work. And with our strategic focus on Doing Good With Data™, we’re committed to making societal change utilizing the power of what we know best, data. Teradata employees are encouraged and empowered to seek out opportunities to engage with their individual communities according to their own specific interests. Key areas of focus include improving youth education, strengthening neighborhoods, and caring for the environment and supporting sustainability.

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