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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Teradata

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Teradata
Today being International Women's Day, Teradata wishes to recognize and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere. At Teradata, we firmly believe that all members of society, regardless of gender, deserve equal educational and professional opportunities to achieve their full potential and contribute to the advancement of their community and country.
This day also invites us to look inward and evaluate our progress across the wide spectrum of topics related to diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace. Our people are the foundation of Teradata’s success and we remain committed to developing a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
Like any critical business imperative, advancing diversity and inclusion requires a clear strategy and deliberate focus, supported by sustained action. As the CEO, I feel it is my role to lead by example when it comes to advancing diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As a step in this direction, I have joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion. This is the largest CEO-driven business community that facilitates the open exchange of ideas, actions and real-life experiences. This commitment is driven by a realization that addressing diversity and inclusion is not a competitive issue, but a societal issue. Recognizing that change starts at the executive level, more than 550 CEOs of the world’s leading companies and business organizations are leveraging their individual and collective voices to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Under this action, I have pledged to cultivate environments where diverse experiences and perspectives are welcomed and where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.
As we continue to forge the culture at Teradata, we are limited only by the extent of our own ambitions. I am confident in our team’s ability to rise as one and deliver meaningful change in this important societal cause. 
Diverse and inclusive, we are the new Teradata, energized and committed to making a difference.
Portrait of Oliver Ratzesberger

Oliver Ratzesberger

Mr. Ratzesberger has a proven track record in executive management, as well as 20+ years of experience in analytics, large data processing and software engineering.

Oliver’s journey started with Teradata as a customer, driving innovation on its scalable technology base. His vision of how the technology could be applied to solve complex business problems led to him joining the company. At Teradata, he has been the architect of the strategy and roadmap, aimed at transformation. Under Oliver’s leadership, the company has challenged itself to become a cloud enabled, subscription business with a new flagship product. Teradata’s integrated analytical platform is the fastest growing product in its history, achieving record adoption.

During Oliver’s tenure at Teradata he has held the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer, overseeing various business units, including go-to-market, product, services and marketing. Prior to Teradata, Oliver worked for both Fortune 500 and early-stage companies, holding positions of increasing responsibility in technology and software development, including leading the expansion of analytics during the early days of eBay.

A pragmatic visionary, Oliver frequently speaks and writes about leveraging data and analytics to improve business outcomes. His book with co-author Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, “The Sentient Enterprise: The Evolution of Decision Making,” was published in 2017 and was named to the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List. Oliver’s vision of the Sentient Enterprise is recognized by customers, analysts and partners as a leading model for bringing agility and analytic power to enterprises operating in a digital world.

Oliver is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and earned his engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from HTL Steyr in Austria.

He lives in San Diego with his wife and two daughters. View all posts by Oliver Ratzesberger

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