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A Special Message of Appreciation

A Special Message of Appreciation
Today, I am sharing a note with Teradata's team of 10,000+ people who are working around the world. While this kind of message is normally reserved for our employees, I felt compelled to share my appreciation for this team with our customers, partners and friends across the globe. This is a truly exciting time at Teradata, and our people are making it all happen. Please take a moment to read about what our world-class team has accomplished.

To all Teradata team members around the world,

Along with the introduction of the new Teradata, we invited each of you to join us as we undertook an ambitious new direction, strategy, and brand. We summed up the new Teradata in our brand promise of “Rise Above,” as we help our customers and each other rise up and exceed our goals.
And, Rise Above you did! From our inspiring global brand launch, to introducing our beautiful new San Diego headquarters and presenting Teradata Vantage to help our customers deliver answers that matter. All of this culminated this week at Teradata Analytics Universe, where our customers and partners joined us in setting the new standard for our industry through the powerful possibilities of Pervasive Data Intelligence. An incredible effort by an incredible team—you aimed high, did the hard work, and made it happen!

I also want to thank all of you for embracing our bold new purpose and working together to deliver on our mission to transform how businesses work and people live through the power of data, and living our core values that define and inspire us to do our best work every day.

This has been an amazing journey, and we are just getting started! I am very proud of our entire Teradata team, and thank you for all you do every day. I’m looking forward to continuing our fantastic momentum as we show the world the new Teradata.

​Oliver Ratzesberger

Chief Operating Officer

Portrait of Oliver Ratzesberger

Oliver Ratzesberger

Mr. Ratzesberger has a proven track record in executive management, as well as 20+ years of experience in analytics, large data processing and software engineering.

Oliver’s journey started with Teradata as a customer, driving innovation on its scalable technology base. His vision of how the technology could be applied to solve complex business problems led to him joining the company. At Teradata, he has been the architect of the strategy and roadmap, aimed at transformation. Under Oliver’s leadership, the company has challenged itself to become a cloud enabled, subscription business with a new flagship product. Teradata’s integrated analytical platform is the fastest growing product in its history, achieving record adoption.

During Oliver’s tenure at Teradata he has held the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer, overseeing various business units, including go-to-market, product, services and marketing. Prior to Teradata, Oliver worked for both Fortune 500 and early-stage companies, holding positions of increasing responsibility in technology and software development, including leading the expansion of analytics during the early days of eBay.

A pragmatic visionary, Oliver frequently speaks and writes about leveraging data and analytics to improve business outcomes. His book with co-author Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, “The Sentient Enterprise: The Evolution of Decision Making,” was published in 2017 and was named to the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List. Oliver’s vision of the Sentient Enterprise is recognized by customers, analysts and partners as a leading model for bringing agility and analytic power to enterprises operating in a digital world.

Oliver is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and earned his engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from HTL Steyr in Austria.

He lives in San Diego with his wife and two daughters. View all posts by Oliver Ratzesberger

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