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New As-a-Service Offers on Vantage Bring Simplicity, Modernization

New As-a-Service Offers on Vantage Bring Simplicity, Modernization
Change is the only constant in a world where the scope and diversity of data grows exponentially, making forecasting future strategy and business needs all the more difficult. To stay ahead of the competition, companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based, analytics as-a-service offerings to move faster, be more responsive and add capabilities as needed, while ensuring they remain on the latest software releases and reduce the drag of technical debt. In fact, 63 percent of U.S. enterprise leaders said in a recent IDC survey that the availability of flexible payment or pay-per-use options were very important when selecting an IT infrastructure provider.

As-a-service consumption

Now, our newest suite of as-a-service solutions will add even more flexibility to Teradata Vantage™, an advanced analytics software platform released last year. Vantage helps you modernize, simplify and unify your data into a single powerful environment so that everyone in your organization can access relevant data, whenever they need to, worrying less about moving data across systems and focusing instead on getting answers.

These new as-a-service solutions enable you to enjoy the benefits of Vantage on whatever deployment terms work for your business — whether you can predict what you’ll need in five years, one year or one month. Vantage solutions are available as-a-service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure as well as for Teradata Cloud, which is Teradata purpose-built infrastructure in Teradata data centers operated on your behalf. We’ve also launched a turnkey offering that delivers key cloud benefits for on-premises deployment and a new hybrid cloud disaster recovery service for customers with existing on-premises systems.

These offerings provision and manage complex analytic environments so you don’t have to and enable you to focus on finding solutions to your toughest business challenges. With Vantage offered as-a-service, your teams will see two key changes in their day-to-day work:

Focus on answers, not IT Infrastructure

Consuming Vantage on an as-a-service basis means that deploying, managing and maintaining your environment will be frictionless. Simply put, Teradata takes on the risk and resource burden of provisioning and managing the core of your analytic environment so you don’t have to. When you can offload IT infrastructure tasks — such as running system availability and security checks, implementing software upgrades and more — your teams can focus instead on leveraging data to address strategic business challenges. That’s simplicity.

Eliminate the need to hop between environments

Vantage offered as-a-service means that gone are the days when your analysts and data scientists need to spend hours wrangling and moving data between analytic tools in your ecosystem. Because Vantage brings together the best analytic functions and engines, preferred tools and languages and support for multiple data types within a single environment, teams gain real-time visibility into all data. Analysts and data scientists can streamline their work and invoke analytic functions from different engines in a single application, such as Jupyter Notebook, without needing to move data from one analytic application to another. When your team can access relevant data, any way they need it and any time they want it, they can better identify crucial signals and problems impacting the business and get to actionable answers, faster. That’s modernization.

How to Get Started on Vantage

Today Vantage is available as-a-service in the public cloud, in our cloud, on-premises or in any combination (i.e., hybrid cloud). If you’re interested in simplifying and modernizing your analytic environment, take the first step to ensure you’re on the latest version of Vantage by contacting our sales team today. Upgrading allows you to take advantage of the most up-to-date functionality and analytics as-a-service benefits.
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