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How to Operationalize Enterprise Analytics in the Telco Industry

How to Operationalize Enterprise Analytics in the Telco Industry

Data – coming from the web, smart phones, sensors, servers, cell towers, payment systems, cameras, refrigerators, various applications, and huge array of other resources – is the new “oil”. This is particularly true within the telecommunications industry. While data itself is becoming increasingly commoditized, real value lies in what companies can do with their data:  to coordinate, orchestrate, extract, aggregate, store, and analyze data in unique ways and then incorporate these data-driven insights into day-to-day business processes.  

Operationalizing world class analytics into day-to-day processes can help solve some of the greatest challenges in the telecommunications industry. With advanced analytics, communication service providers (CSPs) can minimize customer churn, make better marketing-spend decisions, improve operational efficiency, and optimize network design and deployment.   

The solutions to these issues are complex and difficult to deliver, however. Many CSPs are capturing only a fraction of their data’s real value due to: 

  • Both technology and organizational constraints.  

  • Obstacles such as existing infrastructure obligations. 

  • Historical siloed approach within their business. 

  • Complexity, velocity and variety of data across the whole organization.  

  • Lack of talent with the right skills mix.  

Teradata is here to bridge this gap. Together, we help our telecommunications industry clients operationalize enterprise analytics across their business to deliver return on investment (ROI) by creating and maintaining their competitive advantage. Here are examples: 

  1. Transform and improve customer/subscriber experience to increase loyalty, improve retention and grow revenue, across all channels. 

We helped a leading CSP in Europe decrease customer churn by 10% and increase revenue by 7% with combined real-time data from customer service agents and location-based data, providing the right offer at the right time for the right customer, across all their regions (9 time zones) 

  1. Achieve operational excellence with improved efficiency & automation across all processes  

During a short engagement at one of the worlds’ leading CSPs, Teradata helped the client realize in a 50% conversion rate increase. With chat script analysis, the telco provider was able to identify the key contributors for increased online sales, then apply this knowledge to re-create a supplemental training program, re-train the entire sales force and further strengthen focus on customer coaching opportunities, resulting in improved online customer experiences and customer overall satisfaction. 

  1. Optimize networks to future-proof growth, across all business moments. 

Teradata helped a European CSP leverage analytics to monitor service provisioning and anticipate anomalies in network traffic. The company provides its services on a distributed network throughout the entire country, which requires sophisticated analytics to monitor network traffic and service performance, anticipate evolutionary trends, and prevent anomalies. 

Further, we enabled CSPs to capitalize on enterprise IoT with enterprise analytics.  

Teradata partnered with a leading CSP to enable their enterprise customers to capitalize on IoT opportunities, thereby minimizing unplanned downtime, reducing high-cost emergency repairs, and ensuring continuous production. The work maintained and reinforced this telco provider’s innovative and high-quality reputation. 

  • This CSP offers a fully automated solution to monitor their enterprise customers’ individual equipment and predict failures before they happen.  

  • Sensors constantly measure and analyse the health status of the machines and identify typical failure patterns. 

  • This CSP’s enterprise customers can easily plan repair work in advance and order parts and replacements before they break.  

  • This CSP’s enterprise customers will also be alerted well in advance before an incident happens, such as by SMS text or triggering a service request ticket. 

Teradata helps 19 of the top 20 global CSPs deliver improved business performance by turning data into answers. With Teradata Vantage, CSPs around the globe run the same enterprise analytics, no matter where their data is. Teradata Vantage provides a hybrid-cloud environment, coordinating computing solutions across a mix of on-premises and cloud options like AWS, Azure and soon GCP. Vantage delivers consistency that reduces migration risk and speeds deployment with zero code changes and zero employee retraining required. 

In today’s interconnected world, the effective use of technology determines the success or failure of a business. Teradata’s significant experience working with the globe’s leading telecommunications companies allows CSPs to successfully recognize what is real, what is emerging, and what is hype. We solve the most critical and strategic technology challenges facing the world’s largest companies, enabling executives to realize business growth, optimize networks, and achieve operational effectiveness.   

For more information on how Teradata helps CSPs operationalize enterprise analytics and realize innovation, please go to:

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