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Fighting Coronavirus with Teradata Vantage

Fighting Coronavirus with Teradata Vantage
Under the current unprecedented circumstances, if there is one common thought in everybody’s mind -- be it businesses, markets or governing authorities -- it is: how do we blunt the impact of this pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world? I believe the answer lies in data computation leading to meaningful insights. I reckon, at this critical hour, every business would like to have this problem-solving tool and some structure as key elements in their approach to counter this crisis.
Our customers, and businesses around the world, will now be more creative in developing their options, establishing goals, priorities, values; they will require more analytical power to predict outcomes for each option and executives will need to choose the best course of action.
Vantage is the only product currently in the market that possess all required advanced analytic functions, engines and powerful capabilities to deliver outcome-led, real-time business solutions at scale.
Governing authorities and healthcare organizations are currently working very hard to rapidly forecast the spread of the virus not only at a population level but also, and necessarily, at a hyper-local, neighborhood level. The Teradata GDC India Team recently participated in the “Hack the Crisis -India” hackathon (organized by the Indian Government) and built a solution that that can help in this regard.
The solution built was:
Real-time predictive model with dashboard visualization application portal to identify & prioritize the vulnerable candidates based on proximity to suspected or positive cases by leveraging COVID-19 infected persons’ personal data through geographical, timeseries, geospatial, personal demographics, health & medical history data points, etc. This solution has extensibility helped to provide guidance towards effective governance and capacity planning and forecasting for healthcare organizations considering the incoming patients.

This solution was built using a machine learning model, scoring algorithm and Teradata technology, leveraging Vantage for data creation/preparation and exploratory data analysis
Considering the present crisis, organizations should be routinely thinking about and recognizing novel circumstances. Retail customers will now require ML & AI solutions, which allow their users to effectively predict, plan, collaborate and communicate with vendors that are stocking supplies, cleaning or assembling equipment. Governments will have to redesign the way essential services are delivered and preserve the functions of society. The Travel and Financial industries will have to effectively implement human-machine & artificial intelligence collaborations to analyze business patterns. Logistics and transportation companies will use artificial intelligence & advanced analytics insights to plan their supply chains according to various factors, including predicted demand and transportation costs.
Vantage is a tool that every organization on the planet should have in this fight against COVID-19, as well as post-crisis to anticipate, predict and provide intelligent analytical solutions to ensure growth and make business robust enough to withstand any such future threats.
Now more than ever, Teradata – through Vantage – is best placed to serve organizations and society in these challenging times. We have the best people and extraordinary technology to achieve this!
Portrait of Avinash Satpute

Avinash Satpute

Avinash Satpute is Practice Manager, Managed & Success Services at the Global Delivery Center, Teradata. He has been with Teradata since 2006. Avinash has significant hands-on experience and provides thought leadership in Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse, Unified Data architecture, Open source big data technologies, Hybrid Multi-Cloud deployment solution architectures, Data Science, Enterprise Analytics – AI/ML/IOT/AOT, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Industrialization, AnalyticsOps, Business Intelligence, Cognitive Design and Software Development. He has helped Fortune 500 & large organizations champion business transformation through successful implementation experience with enterprise analytics and data-driven and business outcome-led solutions. He has held varied positions with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership.
He has built and led high-performance teams and practices while executing large and complex consulting engagements with all major industries across the globe including various expat assignments in APJ, EMEA, and the Americas. He possesses strong experience in building data, analytics and artificial intelligence enablers for customers to support innovation incubation, new business models and strategic growth initiatives; thus, driving sales, customer success and consumption of solutions, products and services.
Avinash holds degree in Computer Engineering and is a Harvard Business School Alumni.
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