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Emulate Your Heroes with Data… and Vantage on AWS

Emulate Your Heroes with Data… and Vantage on AWS
Making smarter, faster, more insightful decisions is how the best companies break from the pack to become the market leaders we most admire. And what differentiates the very, very best – the absolute top of the heap, the ones who enjoy disproportionate market share, the highest margins, and the most loyal customers – is the ability to understand the entirety of their business inside and out.   
How do they do it? Data.
More precisely, the very best companies on the planet treat data as an asset. They invest in data – and getting answers from data – to deeply understand their customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and competitors. They recognize that the wisdom and insight needed to make the best decisions come from experience. They recognize that the lessons of experience are often memorialized in the data they already own.
The magic – the difference between finding coal or diamonds – is knowing which questions to ask and having the ability to extract analytics-informed answers from the data. So, how can an aspiring IT or business executive learn how to use his or her organization’s data to disproportionate advantage?
Start using Teradata in the cloud.
That’s right: Teradata in the cloud. The same top-ranked analytic software capabilities that market-leading companies have been using for years to boost seam-busting business success is available right now on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Stand Out from the Crowd
Teradata Vantage on AWS sets a new bar. Vantage is the leading cloud data analytics software platform that enables one to use any tool, any language, and all available data to deliver answers that matter. Offered as-a-service, Vantage on AWS provides the easiest, most efficient way to get top-ranked cloud analytics while offloading system setup and ongoing management to the experts at Teradata.
All that users need to do is… Use. The. Software.
Whether for discovery analytics, test and development, quality assurance, disaster recovery, data science, or production, Vantage on AWS enables firms to get answers (and value) fast:
  • Speed: Unlocks productivity through rapid spin-up
  • Privacy: Provides peace of mind via audited security and compliance
  • Scalability: Enables rapid growth to align with changing business needs
  • Predictability: Simplifies budgeting via subscription pricing with no hidden fees
  • Consistency: Eases migration of workloads between on-premises and cloud
  • Portability: De-risks deployment decisions with the freedom to move when desired 
Subscriptions include Vantage software, high-performance AWS infrastructure, and environment management. Teradata Cloud Operations handles all the lower-level stuff (software patches, version upgrades, performance reporting, support ticket resolution, daily backups) so that business analysts and data scientists can do what they do best: coax data into revealing its hidden insights.
Friends and Benefits
Myriad customers across nearly every vertical market validate strong adoption of Vantage on AWS, such as:
  • Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, a privately-owned family business with more than 10,000 employees and more than 80 businesses, including NBA team Utah Jazz
  • Meredith, a media conglomerate with magazines, television, and radio stations with over $3B in revenue
  • Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation acquired by Bayer in 2018 for $66B
  • Siemens, a German conglomerate and Europe’s largest industrial manufacturer with $75B in market value
  • Ticketmaster and Live Nation, a global entertainment company and ticket retailer with nearly $10B market value 
With Vantage on AWS, Teradata manages the performance, security, availability, and operations of the analytics infrastructure:
  • Performance: Teradata helps customers select the system software tier and infrastructure most aligned with workload and data sovereignty requirements.
  • Security: Customers get dedicated, single-tenant environments. Third-party audits demonstrate compliance with the GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, and ISO 27001.
  • Availability: Teradata contractually guarantees 99.9% availability through a service level agreement, yielding higher productivity and more satisfied users.
  • Operations: Teradata handles infrastructure-level tasks including monitoring, patches, and daily backups so users can focus on getting the most insight from their data. 
It’s Lonely at the Top – So Join Us!
Market leadership is ultimately what sets Teradata customers apart from all others. Gartner ranks Teradata Vantage as #1 in all the Critical Capabilities use cases for Data Management Solutions for Analytics. Forrester rates Teradata #1 for current offering. We know what it takes to help customers succeed.
Vantage is the only software of its kind, offering full integration with preferred tools, languages, and analytic engines. It enables business analysts and data scientists to build, test, and deploy analytics using all their data.
Vantage software consistency enables users to leverage previous Teradata investments without having to recode software, retrain employees, or rework operational procedures. It’s the smartest way to make the most of what is already owned. That translates into higher ROI.
Having the ability to easily migrate workloads across a hybrid cloud analytic ecosystem is huge. Portability yields operational agility and de-risks architectural decisions, enabling one to never feel locked in. Having options is always a benefit.
Lastly, customers need not walk (or jog, or sprint) the path alone: expert services provided by Teradata Consulting and integration partners offer unique capabilities to architect, implement, and manage analytic ecosystems across hybrid or cloud-only environments.
So, with the right software, an appropriate data model, true industry expertise, and a little help from super-smart friends at Teradata, it won’t be long until you too are doing more than just getting by. You’ll be blazing your own trail to the top.
Ready to get started on your own journey? We’re here to help with Vantage on AWS.
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Brian Wood is director of cloud marketing at Teradata. He has over 15 years' experience leading all areas of technology marketing in cloud, wireless, IT, software, and data analytics. He earned an MS in Engineering Management from Stanford, a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell, and served as an F-14 Radar Intercept Officer in the US Navy.
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