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Embracing the Darkness: Vantage Developer

Embracing the Darkness: Vantage Developer

An all-new Developer Experience coming soon to Teradata Vantage users

Dark Mode engaged for Teradata Vantage Developer

Teradata 🖤’s Developers

Developers who work with Teradata have something to be very excited about! With our renewed focus on user experience at Teradata, we’re applying user-centered design (UCD) principles and conducting ethnographic research on several key personas, starting with developers.
Vantage UX keynote address at Teradata Universe
The Vantage UX keynote address at Teradata Universe

Dark Mode: Fad, trend or something more?

2019 has absolutely been the year of Dark Mode. Some call it a fad or trend, while others praise it for increasing accessibility and reducing ocular strain. For us, Dark Mode is a bold statement proclaiming our love for developers.
Beyond this aesthetic update, we’ve shared a preview of many upcoming features at Teradata Universe in Denver. Developers will soon have access to an exciting new editor, API Catalog, powerful use cases and more!
Dark Mode is a bold statement proclaiming our love for developers
Vantage UX dark mode t-shirt from Teradata Universe 2019
The exclusive Dark Mode t-shirt made for Teradata Universe 2019


Extensive user research with customers across the globe has informed the development of a suite of new developer applications and tools. This suite, dubbed “Vantage Developer,” is coming to Vantage in the near future.

Vantage Developer editor

Editing a query has never been easier!

In the new Vantage Developer editor, users can rapidly test queries and develop scripts right in the browser. Additionally, users can save and share those scripts with their co-workers, learn advanced functions with built-in documentation, compare revisions and much more.
Vantage Developer editor
Submit queries, share scripts, learn functions & more in the new Editor

API Catalog

Build custom solutions using an extensible RESTful API catalog

Developers and partners can seamlessly integrate and extend Vantage by using RESTful APIs to manage users and data, perform SQL queries, deploy containers, configure single-sign-on (SSO), send notifications, monitor logs, send system-wide notices and more.

Developers will be able to view parameters, submit a request, see responses in multiple formats, copy response headers and use code snippets for all popular languages (Java, Go, Python, Angular, as well as Curl).

Partners will be able to extend their products and services more easily with centralized API documentation.

Vantage API catalogBrowse Vantage APIs, test endpoints, view responses and learn from code snippets

Use Cases

To learn all about the powerful analytic features of Vantage, developers can access end-to-end use cases that exploit all of the capabilities, functions and best practices of Teradata.

Vantage Developer use casesLearn from popular industry use cases and examples

Streamlined developer experience (DX)

In this concept, a developer seamlessly flows from a path analysis use case into the editor with a pre-populated SQL statement. From the editor, the developer can easily submit the query, immediately preview results and easily create a report to share insights with colleagues.

Streamlined Vantage developer experience

New developer site

Finally, I have the great pleasure of announcing an all new developer website! This new site is your one-stop shop to learn about all the developer features in Teradata Vantage with access to video tutorials, downloads, forums, documentation and the developer community.

Head over to

Want to see more?

Join the research and get early access!

If you’d like to join the user research, please contact the UX team so we can add you to our schedule. Your valuable input will help ensure we build the right features for the right job.

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Portrait of Kyle Ledbetter

Kyle Ledbetter

With over 20 years of combined experience from open-source and the enterprise, Kyle has led UX at organizations such as eBay, MicroStrategy and Sears. Kyle has a unique perspective and skillset for delivering an array of data-centric experiences to all types of customers. Kyle and the UX Team are focused on delivering a radically simplified experience to Teradata customers and embracing all new target personas and use cases. Based in the Teradata headquarters in San Diego, Kyle leads the global UX organization spanning all geographies and encompassing a wide breadth of user research and user experience design skills. View all posts by Kyle Ledbetter

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