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Announcing Vantage on Google Cloud

Announcing Vantage on Google Cloud
Good news! Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud is now generally available.

Vantage on Google Cloud is an as-a-service offer in which customers like you can get the most analytic value from your data. Teradata provides secure, scalable, single-tenant environments in which we provision and maintain the system using the latest Teradata Vantage software, Google Cloud infrastructure, and environment management.
Teradata Vantage Now Available on Google Cloud
You can easily analyze data in low-cost Google Cloud Storage, Hadoop, and other data stores, which means better results based on more data. And, if an existing Teradata customer, you can re-use previous investments because it’s the same software code base, which also means that migrations from your data center to Google Cloud are quicker and lower risk.

Vantage on Google Cloud has been highly anticipated by current and prospective Teradata customers who seek the power and features of Vantage analytics platform software yet deployed in the Google Cloud environment. Many businesses have already aligned themselves with Google Cloud, so being able to use industry-leading software from Teradata along with Google Cloud as the preferred cloud provider is a win-win-win value proposition. Example use cases include:

Production Data Analytics: Use 100% of available data to deliver unified analytics without having to move data:
  • Fraud detection
  • Churn mitigation
  • Sales personalization
  • Asset maintenance optimization and risk reduction
Test & Development, Proofs of Concept, and Discovery Analytics: Run workloads on Google Cloud separate from on-premises production environments; empower business analysts and data scientists to load and join data on their own:
  • Quickly spin up a fully functional, secure environment on Google Cloud and turn it off when done
  • Explore fresh data sets and/or join owned with partner data using software consistent with that of production systems
  • Try the latest version of Teradata software to explore new data analytics capabilities.
  • Investigate new ideas without disrupting operational environments or requiring multiple levels of approval
Cloud Migration: Transfer on-premises Vantage software licenses and analytic applications as-is to Google Cloud:
  • License portability from on-premises to the cloud
  • Right size systems by starting small and scaling only when needed
As-a-Service Subscriptions
Vantage on Google Cloud subscriptions are delivered as-a-service and include the latest Teradata software and Google Cloud infrastructure. We provide secure, scalable, single-tenant subscriptions in which we provision and maintain performance, security, availability, and operations of your analytics environment, including a 99.9% availability SLA. We handle detailed tasks—software patches, version upgrades, daily backups, performance reporting, and support ticket resolution—so that you can manage your business. Key attributes include:
  • Native Object Store capability for Google Cloud Storage, enabling you to easily connect to and analyze data within low-cost object storage.
  • Size and Scale: Support for large configurations (128 VMs for a total of up to 1,638 TCore).
  • First Party Service Integration: Join with and query data in Google Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, Dataproc, and more – and integrate with preferred data pipeline, business intelligence, and visualization tools such as Cloud Functions, Data Fusion, Looker, Pub/Sub.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Uses the same Teradata Vantage software as deployed elsewhere, enabling you to re-use previous investments, eliminate recoding or retraining, and reduce migration risk.
  • License Portability: Offers license portability between on-premises and the cloud, yielding deployment freedom and the ability to extract answers from all data wherever it is stored.
  • Independent compute and storage as well as compute elasticity enable the underlying infrastructure to efficiently match customer workload demands. 
Google Cloud Is on the Move
Google Cloud is admired as an aggressive cloud provider in the enterprise space primarily due to the leadership of Thomas Kurian, who joined Google in November 2018 and became CEO of Google Cloud in January 2019. Previous he spent over 20 years at Oracle, serving for a long time as President of Product Management.
Google Cloud touts many advantages when compared to other global cloud service providers:
  • Customer Experience: Google’s Live Migration technology helps mitigate the impact of both planned and unplanned maintenance by migrating running instances to new ones instead of requiring them to be rebooted.
  • Global Network: Google's backbone network uses advanced software-defined networking and edge caching services to deliver fast, consistent, and scalable performance.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Google Cloud data centers run on half the energy of a typical data center and run on 100% renewable energy where available.
Teradata Is Committed to the Cloud
Teradata is committed to providing the best enterprise data analytics in the cloud. We offer choice and we want to be where you want to be. Our strategy is to provide options so that you never feel locked in. Each company’s cloud strategy is different, which is why hybrid cloud and license portability are so important: you can rest easier knowing that with Teradata you can shift workloads around and not have to worry about compatibility, loss of capability, leaving money on the table, license transfer fees, etc.

Vantage on Google Cloud is available now. Countries from which Vantage on Google Cloud can be delivered include Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. For more information about Vantage on Google Cloud, view our Vantage on Google Cloud website page.
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