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3 Ways New As-a-Service Offerings Bring Choice and Flexibility to Teradata Vantage

3 Ways New As-a-Service Offerings Bring Choice and Flexibility to Teradata Vantage
The ever-evolving nature of the cloud has driven the growth of as-a-service features empowering businesses to be more responsive and agile – and remain viable in highly competitive landscapes. At Teradata, we think a lot about our customers in the cloud, and continue on our promise to deliver choice and flexibility by adding new as-a-service options for Teradata Vantage.
We designed Vantage, our platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence, to help customers get the most return from their investments, simplify analytic ecosystems and focus on what truly matters: getting answers through real-time intelligence, not managing IT infrastructure. Now that we’ve made Vantage available as-a-service for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Cloud and on-premises deployments, enterprises have greater choice and flexibility to leverage its analytic capabilities any way they prefer and in the environment they choose.
Our new as-a-service offerings for Vantage include:

The Fastest Path to Vantage: As-a-Service for AWS or Azure

Enterprises often face challenges of procuring new services like Vantage through a time-consuming process of gaining approval for a new channel. An AWS customer can now easily subscribe to Vantage directly through AWS Marketplace, thereby streamlining and expediting the procurement process. By subscribing through this pre-approved channel, it is now easier than ever to access Vantage through an elastic, flexible capacity model.
Likewise, companies who have standardized on Microsoft Azure have quick access to the full power of Vantage through their Teradata account teams. Using the exact same software as available across all other deployment options, Vantage offered as-a-service for Azure delivers business benefits spanning performance, security, availability, and operations.
So, regardless of whether one has selected Azure or AWS as their public cloud provider of choice, an as-a-service option for Vantage is available for you today. Here are some key highlights:
  • Deployment choice through which to uncover answers that matter – at scale
  • Unified, integrated environment delivers the best analytic functions and engines
  • Flexible support for multiple data types, formats and heterogeneous data stores

The Best of Both Worlds: As-a-Service for On-Premises Deployments

Moving to the cloud isn’t often the easiest decision. Many enterprises face a serious case of data gravity in their own data centers with pre-existing large, long-term investments – or strict regulatory requirements mandating that they keep the data onsite. Vantage’s new as-a-service offer for on-premises deployments provides Teradata-provisioned Vantage software on purpose-built infrastructure within an organization’s data center which we monitor and manage remotely. This provides:
  • Advantages of the cloud such as agility, flexibility and seamless elasticity without the trouble of moving data and applications offsite
  • Pervasive data intelligence, all while remaining within a physical, trusted ecosystem
  • Minimal disruption to analytic ecosystems or ongoing business operations
  • Utilization of existing operational procedures to maximize return on previous investments

The Cloud Choice for Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery As-a-Service

Catastrophic events such as natural disasters or power failures can cause the unexpected loss of a production analytics system, resulting in lost revenue, unplanned downtime or dissatisfied customers. Organizations with on-premises deployments require the ability to quickly recover should something go wrong. Teradata Disaster Recovery As-a-Service (DRaaS) is designed to help mitigate the effects of any system downtime. Teradata provisions and manages cloud infrastructure to guarantee the recovery time and provides the assurance and assistance customers need. Other points include:
  • Pay-as-you-go nature of the cloud yields a cost-effective solution which enables compute resources to be spun up only when needed
  • Operational efficiency through the use of customers’ existing backup infrastructure; cloud backups can be done as frequently as desired
  • Cloud flexibility and elasticity, which also potentially fulfills a corporate cloud mandate

  • Cloud flexibility and elasticity, which also potentially fulfills a corporate cloud mandate

 Getting Started

As-a-service offerings for Vantage are available via the AWS Marketplace in most AWS Regions globally; just search for “Teradata.” As-a-service offerings for Vantage are available for Azure in most Azure regions globally; simply contact your Teradata account team. As-a-service offerings for disaster recovery and purpose-built infrastructure deployed on-premises are available through Teradata account teams everywhere.
To learn more about the as-a-service subscription benefits of Vantage, watch this quick animated video and read this short executive brief.
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